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About UNN- United News Network

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About UNN (United News Network )


United For Humanity 




The United News Network (UNN), a non-profit (with 501c3 Status), Human Rights media organization based in Washington, D.C. dedicated to cover the most serious human rights atrocities across the globe, founded by human rights experts in 2018. UNN (world) headquarters in Washington DC and has an office in Istanbul, Turkey.


UNN produces، collects and distributes news and human rights programming in English. its affiliated media organizations operate in multiple languages. Its content is available on-demand online, on mobile networks, and on social media platforms. Several UNN websites also report and carry summarizing news from other media outlets.

UNN has 3 main branches: 

UNN global media for global human rights, Voice of Uyghur media for Uyghur human rights, Turk News for Turkic world human rights.


The organization's legal name is United News Network and its trademarked brand is UNN; it is known by both names.


United For Humanity: 

“United for humanity “ has been used as the main tag line for the organization.

The Funding:

The majority of UNN funding comes from human rights foundations in the United States.

The Staff:

Up to June 2021, UNN has 13 full-time staff members and more than 200 part-time volunteers across the globe.